Thompson Training Camp – Montaña de Oro

Day 1

Nothing but blue skies, beaches, and lots of people camping considering it is the middle of February! Today marked the first day of our ‘unofficial’ Thompson Training Camp (TTC). My parents graciously let us borrow Big Blue, their awesome VW camper van that has miles of stories to tell, so we loaded it up with four bikes and headed south. We started the day off with some rain, but it cleared once we got closer to the coast. We set up camp, made lunch, and changed into our MTB gear.

Montaña de Oro State Park – the trails were perfect. The conditions couldn’t be better. We headed up to Oaks Peak to enjoy the views of the Ocean and Morro Bay out in the distance. We did this ride around the same time last year and this time around you could tell the difference a little bit of rain this season has had on the trails. Much needed.
Day 1 (TTC) - MTB Ride
Day 1 (TTC) – MTB Ride


After our ride, it was back to camp to change and get ready for a quick run along the bluffs for the sunset. Now, the sunset was a bit of a disappointment (we’ve seen much better) but the company was great.


Still sporting a nice helmet line....
Loving the weekend away <3

As we settled in for the night we had some adventures with Raccoons trying to get to our food. We had a struggle getting the fire started, but enjoyed playing cards inside the warm van.


Day 2

Waking up to the morning sun is a great way to reset your mind and body. Of course, after waking up for Day 2 of TTC we realized we forget to bring the eggs! We basically live on eggs so this was kind of a big deal and this pretty much set the day in motion.
We survived breakfast but while we were cleaning dishes the camp host came around and informed us that our site had been booked for the next night and we would need to move. Short story….we ended up having to pack up camp and moved down to Morro Bay State Park so that we could find a place to stay for the rest of the weekend. It all worked out but geez do those parks have a messed up reservation system! Luckily, we are the type of people that laugh about these types of things while wishing there was a way to just fix them! So, moving forward, we arrived in site 77 in Morro Bay State Park.
We ate lunch and changed into cycling clothes for our second day of adventures, this time on the road.
I don’t think I’ve said this enough, California is absolutely beautiful. Everything was green, rolling hills…I could have done without the extreme headwind and lots of cars on the road, but the riding was awesome. We may never be able to afford a house in California but we can sure enjoy the recreation.
Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.09.30 PM
Fun fact – I had no idea San Luis was that close to the Ocean!
Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.11.27 PM

Once we finished our ride we had to go get those pesky eggs. Figured it was a good way to get the mile in as well. So we ran over to the store and walked back along the coast line.

For dinner, Stew had the best idea! Apple crisp! Sounds amazing, right? Well, plans changed because after an hour of trying to light the charcoal and it becoming a laughing fit we finally gave up and made it on the stove. Early bed to play cards while planning for Day 3….

Day 3

Solo adventures.

After breakfast, we decided today would be solo-training day. I would go out for a long & even paced adventure run, while Stew went out on a hard road ride. I enjoyed a 9 mile run along the coast, through down, and in a marsh. I kept an even pace to work out the sore legs. Felt great though.


After the run I came back to camp and stretched out, did some ‘camp yoga’ – not even sure what that is….and read my book. The wind was pretty bad so I figured it would be a while before the man arrived but before I knew it he was back! So glad he got to go on a long ride.
That evening we befriended our neighbors and hung out and roasted Marshmallows.

Day 4

The hardest part about vacation is waking up and realizing that today is your last day. I am not ready for vacation mode to be over, not ready to go back to work, not ready for being overly exhausted by 3pm, not ready for my workouts to slip. I made a promise on the drive home that I wouldn’t let it get to me, but it is harder than it sounds.


We woke up to the sound of birds and some very strange animal barking sound. Regardless it was peaceful. Despite the overly grounded campground and close proximity to our surrounding camping friends, it was quiet. We had planned on packing up quickly and going out for one last ride, so hubby made some breakfast while I set on cleaning up the car. So much easier than cleaning up a tent, that is for sure. Everything was set and organized. I must have been showing my stress on my face/body all morning because Stew kept asking if I was okay. I just am not ready to go back. I’ve really enjoyed this week off more than any other vacation. The weather was great, I felt good, I ran/biked/swam. And for the first time I did barely any work the entire time. So the realization that I had a lot I needed to do to prep for Monday hit me hard, and the fact that this was the last day of vacation. Plus…we were going to be sitting in the car for 3+ hours (assuming traffic was going to cooperate. Side note: it did not)
Car was packed and we were ready to roll. We headed south again to Montana De Oro for one last MTB ride. Felt great. GoPro footage makes me look so slow though. A little discouraging or motivating depending on how you look at it as I ask myself, does this mean I am really that bad despite what I thought were improvements or asking myself, what can I improve on to get even better?
Regardless the ride was fun. We headed to get coffee shortly after before setting north on 101. We didn’t hit traffic until the Salinas area, we are still confused as to why there was even traffic. Cars just seem to stop with no reason, maybe everyone is scared that everything is so green….
Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 8.29.43 PM
The drive back was really good. We talked a lot about training and next steps, really concentrating on intervals and strength. More on that later I’m sure, if I actually get a power meter set up. I do love data!
We got home and unloaded the 4 days of awesomeness. Started laundry and begun the Sunday Night rituals of dreading Monday mornings….lesson plans prepped, math ready to be printed, inspire themes set, and history lessons a-go. Back into the motion, now lets see if I can keep the training up.

We did a sunset run before dinner and then hubby went off to work for a while, as I continued working. Report cards are due, IEP goal updates, conferences….its go time!