Bariani Road Race Recap

I upgraded to Cat 3 back when I was racing collegiate, back when I was racing every weekend. I raced a few collegiate A races before my collegiate racing came to an end. That’s when real life took over. Marriage, new town, new career. For the next year and a half, road racing took a spot on the back burner. I knew I wanted to get back into it someday and that someday was yesterday.


People who know me know that I work out a lot. Maybe not as much as some people, but a lot considering the demands of my job and hours that I put into it. Regardless, I run everyday and go to the gym at least three times a week, I’ve been swimming more and I commute via bike (its only 2.2 miles but we will say since it is a single speed/steal frame/and heavy bags…it counts for something). I ride when I can but its not the top of my priority list. So when Saturday night rolled around, the nerves really started to kick.


Race Recap

Let me paint the picture. Time Change (thank you old timey day-light savings time…). California Storm, actual rain. 30mph winds. First bike race in almost 2 years.


I kitted up. I was intimidated by everyone there. Collegiate racing has very few females, the most I’ve ever started with (despite MTB nationals) was maybe 15 riders. At the start line it was good to recognize some faces and to have that nervous feeling back. We had a neutral start to the race course and off we went. And quiet literally. The first couple of feet were a game of jockey to see who wanted to take on the headwind. I forgot how much people are intimidated by riding on each others wheel, and how I too need to get used to how other people ride. I am so accustomed to how my friends ride that I’m used to them not others…


We reached the overpass, our first real turn of the course. Turning away from the headwind we would be greeted by a nice cross wind. I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous about how my wheels would handle this section. They have been a little unfaithful in the past with high winds. They performed excellent though, despite having to lean my body to an almost uncomfortable angle. We worked our way around to cross the freeway and BOOM. Great, we are only 2 miles in and we are already out of our saddles sprinting. Seriously? Wait for me guys! I’m new at this (again…sort of). Okay okay….held my own, back with the group. Nope wait…chasing again. Okay, the group has split, I’m barely holding on the back of the second group of 8. What is this? I knew my luck was running out. I did everything I could to hold on but the cross wind with a single file pace line was too much for me. Slowly I lost contact with the group. I wasn’t alone though…many lost contact.


It was time for me to put my head down and TT it. And for the next 40 miles I basically did just that. So good news for my upcoming triathlon…I can hold my own haha. The rest of the race included some mixed emotions about trying to catch back on the second group and working together with some other racers; I’ll keep my comments about that to myself…and then yelling at myself to finish the race. It was tough. A lot of women pulled out. Heck, a lot of women never even showed up! So for me, it was an accomplishment. I didn’t quit, I didn’t fail, I didn’t come in last. Good day of racing if you ask me. Even more so, I think hubby is excited that I’m motivated again. I’ve been motivated, just not motivated to race my bike…something about running shoes keeps distracting me…


Towards the end I kept thinking if I could run to the finish faster…


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