Annadel Trail Half Marathon Race Recap

In honor of my Mother-in-Law’s birthday, we signed up for a Half Marathon in Annadel State Park, a beautiful setting in the heart of Santa Rosa. Hubby’s flight landed at 6:30AM in SFO, so he was waiting for me at the finish line, which definitely helped push the pace on this very technical course.
Our race started at 8:00, a trail run, so it is more technical than your typical half. Plus with over 1700 feet elevation gain, rocks to jump over, and steep descents made for slower times and more of a challenge. 2:17 hours later I was crossing the finish line. My mother-in-law was not far behind! I placed third in my age category which was a huge accomplishment.
The course was windy, cold, and foggy. I had to concentrate 100% so I did not get to enjoy the views as much as I would have liked, but it was better than the alternative of crashing! I saw three people go down right in front of me, you really had to watch your footing. The difference between racing bikes and running races is that when you finish a bike race, if you are not top 3 or you come across the finish line well after  the leaders, it is a sense of defeat. When you cross the line running, totally different story, the crowds still cheer, you feel accomplished, and they call your name as if you won. I am still getting used to the different vibe but it is a very supportive setting.