New Jobs

Sometimes in life we have to make tough decisions. From the outside it may appear that we are giving up, quitting, or not willing to do something hard. For 2.5 years I fought the education system and ultimately it burned me out. And truthfully it was putting a wrench in our marriage.


However, I’d like to think I didn’t give up. That we didn’t give up. We just realized that our marriage, our happiness, was more important that having me be a teacher. It didn’t matter if I was good at my job and making a difference. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy with the process, the system, or how it made me feel.


On October 17th I started a new job.


It is amazing how much easier it is to wake up when you are actually excited about going to work and doing your job. It is incredible how happy your husband can be when you are doing something that isn’t breaking you down. Stew was my rock for over the last two years but he was done. We are not saying that something drastic would have happened if we continued down that path, but we definitely would not have been very happy if the process continued. Luckily, our communication is incredible. Blessed am I to have such an incredible husband and totally rad marriage to have gotten through that crappiness. We will continue to endlessly support each other and call each other out when we are doing something we should be doing.


With that, I am a very happy new Strava Employee. Back in Tech. Working with so many driven individuals who are all passionate about the world of “striving to be the best version of yourself” through running, cycling, and everything in between! Including backcountry skiing!