Running Down Memory “Trail”

Waking up early on Thanksgiving morning, the air was crisp as the light rain lifted; which meant one thing….time for a run on the old trails. We lived in Sacramento for two years while attending Graduate School at Sac State, for the last few months, I actually lived at the house which is directly-across from miles of single track trails.

2016-11-24-10-00-35We actually fell in love with Sacramento during our time living there. Sacramento is a best-kept secret. It has a small yet beautiful city that is vibrate and expanding. A historical old town with an amazing train museum and candy shops. Two rivers supply endless summer adventures. A 31-mile PAVED bike path called the American River Trail. And not to mention you are less than two hours away from Tahoe, less than an hour from Apple Hill, and the Sierras are just a hop skip and a jump away.


The city of Sacramento is full of life, it has a diverse population which really sets the other places I’ve lived apart. You don’t feel like you are living in a bubble as much when you live in Sacramento.


If we had to move to a city, hands down we would pick Sacramento. Not just because the cost of living in cheaper than our current situation but because of the endless options for riding and running.


My Thanksgiving run was no different. We spent three days enjoying the Sacramento nature, which meant three days of running on these beautiful single track trails that are literally across the street from the house. Thanksgiving called for a 6 mile run following the peaceful river bank, winding through the trees and dew grass. The birds, coyotes, deer, and rabbits all making an appearance. It is easy to escape. I missed these trails…


City Running not City Girl

Despite an increase in people, cars, traffic, lights, and interesting characters. My favorite place to run is in San Francisco. There is always something to see, people to watch, and endless routes. I went into work on Wednesday, and due to the recent news, I needed a little distraction before heading into the office. Plus, I had an hour to kill before clocking in. So I took the opportunity to revisit one of my favorite routes when I previously worked in the city. The Embarcadaro.




I love seeing how many other people are out and about, running, biking, taking a nice walk. Some are just commuting, but I really love the fact that people are out. Now I’ve been to a good number of popular cities and ran in a lot of them too:

San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver, Chicago, New York City, London, Paris, Munich….San Francisco is definitely up there in favorites to city run. This is because of the geography of San Francisco itself, if you stay on the side of the bay/ocean then you avoid traffic, lights, and get to see the city. Plus you avoid some of the nasty climbs and smelling aroma coming from the center. Golden Gate Park is beautiful, the Golden Gate Bridge is a must do, and theEmbarcadaro is a favorite.


I hope to one-day complete a half or full marathon in the ‘foggy city’. I ran the SF-Napa Ragnar in 2015 and have always wanted to do more. We will see. I love running in cities 🙂 I could just never live in one.


*Country Gall*

Trail Running

Around 12pm I came home from a friend’s baby shower. Remind me to not have one of those….can I suggest a picnic/hike instead? They are great for some people, but I just couldn’t handle 50 women in one room watching me open baby gifts and play baby games. It was a great baby shower and I love my friend, but some things are just not for me and that is perfectly okay 🙂


Totally beside the point…let’s see, back on track. I got home around 12pm, quickly straightened up the house. sidebar: seriously, how does it get messy so fast! haha Totally my fault though…I still haven’t mastered the whole “clothes have a home” thing. I worked for a little bit and then Stew came home from his ride. Originally we had planned on going mountain biking. I was a bit nervous about how my knee would handle the bouncy nature of mountain biking and since it has just started feeling better, decided maybe we should pass.


Regardless, Stew wanted to do something active outside. So we came to the agreement that a trail run while he mountain biked would be a good idea. The was the first time I would be back on a real run since the half marathon. Exciting! We went to a recently developed trail on the northern side of town. It was an absolutely beautiful day out, amazing what a little rain can do to our hills. I felt good running. The 4-mile trail is very steep for 2-miles and does not really level out at any point in the loop. Once you hit the scenic outlook it is all downhill from there.



It was fun to chase Stew on his single speed up the hills knowing he would drop me on the decent. Felt good. Knee held up and got me back out of my funk of running. Only 2 months left of this mile a day nonsense!!