City Running not City Girl

Despite an increase in people, cars, traffic, lights, and interesting characters. My favorite place to run is in San Francisco. There is always something to see, people to watch, and endless routes. I went into work on Wednesday, and due to the recent news, I needed a little distraction before heading into the office. Plus, I had an hour to kill before clocking in. So I took the opportunity to revisit one of my favorite routes when I previously worked in the city. The Embarcadaro.




I love seeing how many other people are out and about, running, biking, taking a nice walk. Some are just commuting, but I really love the fact that people are out. Now I’ve been to a good number of popular cities and ran in a lot of them too:

San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver, Chicago, New York City, London, Paris, Munich….San Francisco is definitely up there in favorites to city run. This is because of the geography of San Francisco itself, if you stay on the side of the bay/ocean then you avoid traffic, lights, and get to see the city. Plus you avoid some of the nasty climbs and smelling aroma coming from the center. Golden Gate Park is beautiful, the Golden Gate Bridge is a must do, and theEmbarcadaro is a favorite.


I hope to one-day complete a half or full marathon in the ‘foggy city’. I ran the SF-Napa Ragnar in 2015 and have always wanted to do more. We will see. I love running in cities 🙂 I could just never live in one.


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