Trail Running

Around 12pm I came home from a friend’s baby shower. Remind me to not have one of those….can I suggest a picnic/hike instead? They are great for some people, but I just couldn’t handle 50 women in one room watching me open baby gifts and play baby games. It was a great baby shower and I love my friend, but some things are just not for me and that is perfectly okay 🙂


Totally beside the point…let’s see, back on track. I got home around 12pm, quickly straightened up the house. sidebar: seriously, how does it get messy so fast! haha Totally my fault though…I still haven’t mastered the whole “clothes have a home” thing. I worked for a little bit and then Stew came home from his ride. Originally we had planned on going mountain biking. I was a bit nervous about how my knee would handle the bouncy nature of mountain biking and since it has just started feeling better, decided maybe we should pass.


Regardless, Stew wanted to do something active outside. So we came to the agreement that a trail run while he mountain biked would be a good idea. The was the first time I would be back on a real run since the half marathon. Exciting! We went to a recently developed trail on the northern side of town. It was an absolutely beautiful day out, amazing what a little rain can do to our hills. I felt good running. The 4-mile trail is very steep for 2-miles and does not really level out at any point in the loop. Once you hit the scenic outlook it is all downhill from there.



It was fun to chase Stew on his single speed up the hills knowing he would drop me on the decent. Felt good. Knee held up and got me back out of my funk of running. Only 2 months left of this mile a day nonsense!!