Part-Time Paleo

Besides reaching for the occasional glass of underpriced wine or gorging myself on sweetheart candies, I tend to keep to a Paleo diet. So yes, I’m what you would call ‘part-time paleo’ and proud of it. During the week I keep to about 90% of a Paleo meal plan, sometimes I throw in some rice or rice pasta, sprinkle on some shredded cheese, or have dessert consisting of greek yogurt. Weekends are a bit harder with traveling and meals out but I don’t worry myself too much because of it, plus hubby’s pancakes are totally worth the cheat days. Someday I may hop on the full Paleo wagon but for now, eating smart with less sugar and whole foods is good enough for me.


Going part-time Paleo just made sense. It wasn’t a diet choice or to be part of a Pinterest fad, but rather to lead a healthy lifestyle, feel better, and it just worked with being Celiac. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease the summer of 2009. Nearly 8 years later, I’m finally figuring out what works and I’m actually getting creative with it. I still may not know which spices go well together but I’ll get there.


The hardest meal moving forward was breakfast. For 20 years breakfast consisted of oatmeal with a very generous side of brown sugar. In 2009, gluten free oats were hard to come by and quite frankly did not do the Quaker Oat justice. In fact, to this day I still have not been able to find an equal to my Quaker Oats. So breakfast took a hit. Throughout college, I started skipping the most important meal of the day because nothing sounded good. While teaching it was even worse, where I wouldn’t eat until lunch most days. Now, breakfast is one of my favorites. There are so many options as soon as you get past a typical ‘American’ breakfast of the quick, sugary, with a bowl and spoon standard.


Here is my favorite breakfast thus far:


Pork Sausage
Sweet Potatoes
Coconut Oil

Easy and quick. While the sausages start browning on the stove, I pop the cut sweet potatoes in the microwave for about 4 minutes. From there they join the party in the pan and soak up the juices and coconut oil. I break two eggs on top and cover the pan for 3 minutes, or until the eggs are cooked just right. I slide it onto a plate and eat it up with my hot mug of lemon water 🙂


I am continuing to explore and experiment with food to find the perfect recipes.