Santa Barbara – San Diego Road Trip

One night while watching TV, Stewart told me that he was going to need to go down to San Diego for work. Typically this meant a few days apart but with my new employment situation (thank you Strava) I could join him! We decided to make a week vacation out of it and make some stops along the way. We brought our road bikes, despite a rather pessimistic weather report and hit the road.


Santa Barbara

We both received our undergraduate degrees from UCSB, but no we did not meet there. Our first stop was campus as we traveled down 101. I missed the sound of the waves.



We stayed the night in downtown Santa Barbara, near the coast, at a little B&B. Although, I don’t think you can really consider it a B&B. Sure it has some ‘wine’ and cheese in the evening and bagels with coffee in the morning but I think calling it a B&B was a bit of a stretch. Regardless it fit our needs for two nights. The rain started moving in that evening so we called it an early day after hitting the store for some quick dinner options.



We woke up pretty early to the sound of a crazy downpour. We started to think that maybe the weather report wasn’t lying….that didn’t stop us though. Always up for an adventure, we ate a quick breakfast and realized that biking was out of the question so we laced up our shoes and headed out the door.



The wind alone was powerful enough to make our ‘0.7 mile run’ difficult. The rain hit us like pebbles so we had a change of heart and decided our day was going to be a bit different than scheduled. We headed down to State Street. The streets were already flooded. As prior UCSB’ers, we knew how to dress for the weather….shorts and flipflops. We waded our way across the streets and made our way into Peets where we enjoyed some warm coffee and played cards for an hour or so. We then walked in and out of some of the shops that were still open before taking a drive through the hills. I decided I had enough driving after seeing a couple of mudslides so we headed back to home base.


2017-02-17 14.06.22


That evening we enjoyed a very nice dinner with one of Stewart’s co-workers and his wife. The company was great and the food was very good as well. We called it a night and headed back to the ‘B&B’. The rain finally started to let up after nearly 24 hours of straight rain. The next day it was dry enough to put on the kits and venture up to campus. I am always amazed how quickly a place can change….


That afternoon we packed our bags and headed down famous Highway 1 to Los Angeles where we stopped at my grandparents for the night. That morning we played tourist via bikes. We made our way to Griffth Park, saw the Hollywood sign and road up on Mulholland Dr. No Celebrity Sightings.



The weather stayed calm, making for dramatic skies and cooler temperatures. I wasn’t a big fan of the ride down through Hollywood on Ventura Boulevard but we survived so I guess it wasn’t too bad…



We both agreed that the only way to see Griffth Park is by bike, for future reference. Next task is to hike to the Hollywood sign 🙂


That night we had dinner with my grandparents and Aunt & Uncle. We said our goodbyes and continued our journey south. San Diego. We got in late but that didn’t stop us from wake up early to tour around. We headed to the coast with Stewart’s grandfather and had a late lunch. That evening we drove around San Diego and ended up on Coronado Island. Immediately we both said we wanted to move there….then we stupidly looked up the house prices, never mind.



We grabbed some ice cream and went up to Point Loma to visit Stewart’s really good friend. The visit was another short one before we found ourselves back on the road to grandpa’s. That morning we visited the US Campy office. secrets secrets. The riding was spectacular. The weather was a much-needed improvement from what we were seeing on the news for our hometown so we took as much of an advantage of it as possible.


That night Stew headed off on his business trip while I held down the fort at Grandpas. I made dinner and worked a bit. We watched some TV but it was off to bed quickly for me. The next morning I enjoyed a peaceful walk around before we headed to dinner with Stewart’s extended family. Stew eventually made his way back as we celebrated our last day of our trip. Visiting family was great and it was hard to leave.



4am came quickly as we packed the car, loaded the bikes, and looked up the nearest Peets. We got on the road and tried to get ahead of the LA morning commute. Yeah, didn’t go exactly according to plan but it could have taken a lot longer to get out of the Valley. It is always hard coming home from an amazing trip and getting to spend so much time together, but it always makes me look forward to the next vacation!