Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon – Race Recap 5/21/2017

Since Wildflower has been canceled until further notice, I needed something else to do this year for a triathlon. For some reason, I had no idea that Morgan Hill had their very own Triathlon! It isn’t an Olympic distance but at least it is a tad longer than a sprint. So I decided to sign up with my amazing friend. The course is the usual lunch ride, so saying I was familiar with the terrain is a bit of an understatement. I know every single turn, descent, wind-blown corner, and crack in the road.


My race started at 7:00 sharp, Sunday morning. We were in the middle of experiencing a random May heat-wave, which nicely kept the wind at bay and the air temperature at 70 degrees. Meaning that the water wasn’t a shock to the system. Of course, the minute I put my wetsuit on, my brain started over thinking. Over water swimming. Crowds of people. Limited visibility. Nearly a mile with no walls to hold on to or breaks to take. Whew.


I definitely didn’t break any world records with the amount of time it took me to get into my wetsuit, but eventually, I was ready. This very kind man who had stationed next to me offered a pair of earplugs. Life saver! New best tip ever, already ordered on Amazon!


Around 6:45, Court and I headed down to the water. She is born swimmer, been swimming her whole life. She is strong, extremely strong. having her by myself calmed my nerves as we ventured out way waste deep. The starting line was a couple of yards out, meaning we were starting the race fully under. I think this actually helped. This forced me to get the nerves out and breathing under control. I watched Court warm up as I slowly made my way further out in the water. I tried a few strokes and to my surprise, it wasn’t a ‘Wildflower Repeat”. We found each other among the crowd forming near the start line, with a few more encouraging words I was off. Court would start 6 minutes behind me. My goal was to finish not that far behind her….yes you read that right, she is that fast.


The water was clear(ish). I could actually see some bubbles and peoples’ feet in front of me. I kept my distance but was able to hold on to the end pack of swimmers. I was the first wave to start the race, all elite racers and 29 under. Which meant this was a big and fast group. One stroke after another, I kept my head in the water and held it together. The course is a “3/4 mile” loop around an island like landmass. Super awesome course. I’m like a Labrador, always eager to see what is behind the next corner, so this really helped the swim. I continued on, a few rests to keep the lungs under control but always quickly getting back into the grove. I rounded the tip of the shore before our group continued their way around, one more turn and we would be back. I knew once I could see the final yellow buoy I would be golden. Then I saw the green swim cap of Court, but where were all the rest of the ‘green swimmers’. Yes, again, she is that fast! Inspiration! Love her!


Finally, we turned the corner and I knew this was the home stretch, I was exhausted so thrilled to be getting on my bike! I gave it all I had and before I knew it I was running up the boat ramp. Goggles, swim cap, ear plugs off. Started unzipping my wetsuit and I wasn’t even to my transition area yet. Dang 3rd triathlon and I’m finally getting the hang of this!


Official Swim Time 29:44 


11th – Age Group
87th/175- All Women
(My goal was 28 minutes, pretty much nailed it! This summer I plan on doing more Tahoe open swimming and in general training, goal to shave another 5 minutes off my time)


Transition 1 2:23

10th – Age Group
53rd – All Women
(still some room for improvement)



Shoes on. Helmet. Go time.


Boom. Car. No, I didn’t crash, but seriously? Why is there car blocking the road entrance? Okay, now I was moving. I mean, you have to dry off somehow. The thing that was different this go around was my wave started first, so there weren’t as many carrots to chase. Since I was hungry and I was going to hunt them down.


I’ve ridden this loop too many times to count. First, you go up, flat, around, down, fast, turn, rolls, down, flat, turn, gaaaa, busy road, climb finish. And that is exactly what I did. I didn’t have the strongest ride, I could feel my legs starting to cramp but I did my best. I was borrowing an aero helmet and I made the mistake of not fitting it the night before, something about firepits lasting until 11pm…oops. I had to keep pushing the helmet back up so I could see. It did make me really want a TT bike though. I just can’t hold the aero position extremely long on the Venge. My arms start to get heavy, next time I’ll set up the bike more with some aero bars or something.


16-mile loop completed. Into the shoot. Unclip. Run to my zone. Shoes off. Golden.


Official Bike Time 49:53 


1st – Age Group
13th/175 – All Women
(Pretty sure I could still improve that time if I wasn’t fussing around with my helmet and held my aero tuck longer)


Transition 1 2:23

11th – Age Group
72nd – All Women
(I had to tie my shoes !!!! 🙁 dang shoe laces)



Off the bike, it was time for the run. Normally I can hold my position. My legs had other plans though. Slowly I started getting past….it took a good two miles before my legs felt like myself and at that point there was only 3 miles left. I muscled through and was able to sprint the last glorious feet to the finish line….a final sprint for the sprint triathlon.


Official Run Time 44:54 

8th – Age Group
56th/175 – All Women
(I’m actually kind of embarrassed of my run, not going to lie. I really should have done better….)



Final Results

4th Place – Age Group

38th Place – Women

179th Place – Over All


Total Time 2:08:27

So, what’s my next race?