Morgan Hill Half Marathon – Race Recap 10/22/2017


New for 2017, a redesigned flatter course. For Mother’s Day, we invited Stewart’s mom to do sign up for another race together. In 2014 she ran my first half marathon with me, which was, in fact, the Morgan Hill Half! We decided to race it again in the Fall. Fast forward to Sunday….I wasn’t feeling 100% but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. In fact, besides my nerves, the first 3 miles felt great! I was holding my normal pace and just cruising along.


Unfortunately, after mile three, I pulled something in my foot. Quickly my pace was dropping and I felt like I was falling backward as I was being passed, one by one. My mother-in-law passed and checked in but told her to keep going. I wasn’t going to quick or let this slow me down. Well, short story, it did slow me down a lot! And for the first time I found myself in the back of the race with the fellow walkers and walk/runners. I’ve never walked in a race before and it was actually kind of nice. I met some amazing people along the way and got to really encourage so new runners. I enjoyed it!



Plus, I never take good race photos, and look at that! Maybe that is the trick, I have to go slow? It was a beautiful day and despite being in a lot of pain I enjoyed the race. This is me, unfiltered.