Meet Us. 

Erikaceae. Strava Employee, cyclist, runner, Private Tutor and former teacher.

Stew. Specialized Employee, amazing husband, household cook, and cyclist.


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While this site is primarily from my point of view, it is important to recognize who Stew is as well. Along with our story. We met September 27th, 2012 at the UNR MTB race weekend on Mount Rose/Sky Tavern. I had just arrived at the ski park after going on and on about how I wasn’t going to date while in Grad-School, to really focus on my academics moving forward. Stew, on the other hand, had just sat in a car listening to the other guys on the team talk about this chick on the team. Well, that ‘chick’ was me. I remember stepping out of my car and this strange (albeit, kind of cute) guy starts helping me get the mountain bikes off. He introduces himself and the rest is pretty much history. After that night we were inseparable and haven’t been apart since. I can’t even remember a time in my life where he wasn’t a part of it. We were engaged April 2014 and married two short months later in Tahoe.




Our passions and experiences make who we are today. Blessed to have found each other and fortunate enough to have had a wide range of career paths along the way. Stew has traveled the world, worked in multiple bike shops across California and New Zealand and ridden some of the coolest roads. While I have worked in the tech industry, produced short films winning international awards, pushed my body to the breaking point, and taught some of the most unique and special individuals. We continue to look for new challenges and learning opportunities to grow and advance.