Meet Bruce

June 17, 2017 I don’t think we realized when we woke on Saturday, June 17th that we would be adding a new member to our family. We planned to spend the day at the beach after making a quick stop in San Jose to check out a used truck. We did a test drive and […]

Meet Us

Erikaceae. Strava Employee, cyclist, runner, and teacher. Stew. Specialized Employee, amazing husband, and cyclist. And welcome to our crazy little world. Follow us as we juggle married life with our careers, starting a family, crazy adventures, experiences, and a little of everything in between. It’s our life just maybe a little edited.         […]

The N+1 Complex

A Brief History I was born into a family of cyclist. Both my parents casually road in college and my dad has commuted to work via bike for 35+ years, every single day. I grew up knowing that just 1 bike was never enough and to see the world you would do it on two […]

27 Christmases

Every year since 1989, there has been some sort of special event, trip, talent, or moment that has stood out. My mother started a tradition from the moment we were born, giving my sister and I a Christmas ornament that symbolized that moment for the year. Once I got my own place and celebrated Christmas on my […]

Trail Running

Around 12pm I came home from a friend’s baby shower. Remind me to not have one of those….can I suggest a picnic/hike instead? They are great for some people, but I just couldn’t handle 50 women in one room watching me open baby gifts and play baby games. It was a great baby shower and I […]