I will always strive to be a runner, even though my body constantly is fighting against this strange passion of mine. Regardless I continue to push myself, make myself better, train, and fight back.


2016 Race Results
3rd – Annadel Trail Half Marathon (Age 25-29) 2:17:13
4th – Morgan Hill Half Marathon (Age 24-29) 1:58:37


Mile a Day

Starting on January 1st, 2016 – I made a promise to myself. That no matter the circumstances, I would find time each day to run a minimum of 1 mile.

Purpose: to prove to myself that anything is possible and that once again I can become the runner I used to be. To stick with something and see the rewards.

Daily Goal: to run a minimum of one mile.

Year Goal: to run a minimum of 600 miles by December 2016.

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One of my hardest races to date. The Napa Valley Ragnar. Team relay from San Francisco to Napa Valley 200(ish) non-stop miles over the course of 2 days.