[Review] Shoes are a Girls Bestfriend

As a cyclist and a runner, my collection of shoes may be a bit different from the average female stereotype. In fact, looking in my closet, I don’t even own a pair of stilettos…   Instead, the majority of my shoes have mud, scratches, and hundreds of miles under their laces (or Boas). Of course, […]

The N+1 Complex

A Brief History I was born into a family of cyclist. Both my parents casually road in college and my dad has commuted to work via bike for 35+ years, every single day. I grew up knowing that just 1 bike was never enough and to see the world you would do it on two […]

Mount Diablo Challenge Race Recap

Interestingly enough my last race was the Mount Diablo¬†Time Trial. Three months later and I’m heading up the mountain again, only this time to the top.   For years I have dreamed about completing the Mount Diablo Challenge. I’ve ridden up to the top plenty of times but there is something about the added adrenaline […]

Mount Diablo Hill Climb Time Trial Race Recap

Mount Diablo Hill Climb Time Trial / Apparently State Championships Race Recap Haunting me on the calendar, the Diablo H.C. glared at me as the date neared. Should I? We just returned from a two-week mountain bike adventure in Oregon. My leg proved to still be in the temporary use phase but in the¬†week since […]

Bariani Road Race Recap

I upgraded to Cat 3 back when I was racing collegiate, back when I was racing every weekend. I raced a few collegiate A races before my collegiate racing came to an end. That’s when real life took over. Marriage, new town, new career. For the next year and a half, road racing took a […]